Specialist in verantwoord technisch reinigen, renoveren en conserveren van industriële klimaattechnische installaties

VOS Cleaning

Specialist in responsible industrial cleaning of refrigeration and heating installations.

With twenty years' experience in industrial cleaning, family business Vos Cleaning is fully dedicated to providing a safe and environmentally responsible service in cleaning, renovating, maintaining and coating of:

  • air conditioning units
  • air ducts
  • air-cooled condensers
  • water-cooled condensers
  • evaporators
  • cooling towers
  • flue gas coolers
  • flue gas condensers
  • plate exchangers
  • steam boilers
  • boilers
  • air-sock systems
  • air condensers

In addition to performing operational activities, Vos Cleaning also inspects complete duct systems. The company also provides and supervises microbiological and chemical examinations. A further service available is the combating of Legionella and the treatment of infected water systems in accordance with the requirements of LCHV (National Centre for Hygiene and Safety).

In the course of time, Vos Cleaning has built up a reputation among the petrochemical industry, health care service, local authorities, utility companies, defence industry, food industry and many other sectors for its impressive, economical and ecologically sound cleaning services.

9 3 verdamper vervuild   11 3 desinfectie

Vos Cleaning considers it important to work in a practical, humane and environmentally responsible manner. And it does this so well that it has been awarded the VCA certificate.

Vos Cleaning is leading the way in the development and modification of specialised equipment to enable optimum results without the application of chemicals and aggressive cleaning products wherever possible. Vos Cleaning aims to be the environmental-friendly trendsetter in the sector. The cleaning and disinfection methods adopted by Vos Cleaning satisfy the requirements of HACCP, BRC, IFS and GlobalGAP.